School Sport

A compendium of ‘winning’ thoughts

For most of my life I believed the main point of being involved in youth sport was winning. “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?” This was definitely my thinking as a child, which continued to shape my thinking and approach, both as a teacher and a coach. Perhaps this was because I was in […]

Curriculum PE Teaching and Learning

In search of Praise in PE

My observations of praise within PE Over the course of the last 11 years I have mentored trainee PE teachers from a variety of different ITT providers. One of the things I always hear from them when observing is their constant verbal praise: ‘That was brilliant Melissa!’ ‘Great work Tommy!’ ‘That was amazing James!’ It’s […]

Personal Reflection


As a profession that invests a serious amount of emotion into our job I think highs and lows are a daily experience. I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to date to have many personal highs, but one stands out for me. In my first year of teaching at my current school I took over […]