Kicking over the Ladder

I've come to a decision to kick over the ladder. From my very first day in teaching a ladder was placed before me. The first rung of that ladder is the classroom teacher. Above that, the Middle Leadership rung, with its fork to either pastoral or academic responsibilities. One step further up is the Senior Leadership roles of … Continue reading Kicking over the Ladder

Sharing our failures #1

In a recent blog, Mel Hamada, wrote about her perceptions of the culture of online Physical Education community. Mel felt that a lot of interactions within the community were about self-promotion, 'back slapping' and 'high fiving each other'. Sentiments I both share and am guilty of through this blog and on Twitter. Reflecting on this … Continue reading Sharing our failures #1

The Challenge of Teaching PE

I've always liked a quote that is attributed* to William Butler Yeats, 'education is not about filling a bucket but lighting a fire'.  This has suggested to me that there is going to be an element of risk within education. If you stay in teaching long enough you can end up on auto-pilot. You start going … Continue reading The Challenge of Teaching PE

Dissection of a school visit – (1) The preparation.

Old Andrew wrote an interesting piece for Academies Week about giving teachers more time and they will use it wisely. For the first time in 7 years I was given time off school to do something of interest for myself with regards to my teaching. I was allowed on a school visit. A big area … Continue reading Dissection of a school visit – (1) The preparation.

Teach Meet: Behaviour Management

So today we had our first internal school Teach Meet with a focus on behaviour management (particularly for Years 7 to 9). It was delivered by an experienced Head of Year and it started quite a good Q and A session at the end, especially by the newer teachers within the school. Her approach to behaviour … Continue reading Teach Meet: Behaviour Management

Transforming CPD

Shaun Ellison wrote in his excellent book - Perfect Teacher Led CPD - 'A school is only ever as good as its teachers.' However it seems to me that people outside of the classroom, but have a huge control over what they think education should be, seem to forget this. Education it seems is always … Continue reading Transforming CPD

What I learnt from a Dinosaur.

I had a quite an emotional chat today with a 62 year old teacher named Bernie. Now Bernie teaches Physics. He has taught Physics for 39 years. God knows how many young men and women he has shared his knowledge and understanding of Newton's Laws of Motion, Interference of Waves or Quarks and Antiquarks to, but he … Continue reading What I learnt from a Dinosaur.