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Still drowning, only better.

“Ten years of practice without reflection, is just one year of practice repeated ten times.” Today marks the second birthday of Drowning in the Shallow. Drowning in the Shallow is essentially a metaphor for how I was feeling when I first started blogging. Drowning, because I was increasingly becoming aware that it was impossible to […]

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Those Quiet Moments

This term my after school sessions have been mainly focussed around coaching Year 8 Football. As most PE teachers know, that once into the day to day pressures of teaching and coaching, those quiet moments needed for self reflecton on practice are few and far between. Whenever you think you might have one it is snatched […]

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Getting it Wrong

This week I was asked by the coach of the U15 School Rugby Team to come and work with his forward pack, specifically on improving their realignment and support lines in open play from the breakdown. I planned for a small sided games approach, 8 v 8, with constraints on the playing environment that would […]

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PE Challenge No. 7

Over 8 weeks, every weekend, I will offer you a challenge for the following week. These challenges will come from other teachers, researchers, academics and coaches and take on different formats. You can try one, try the ones you like, or try them all. The hope is that it will stimulate thought about your practice, […]

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Is PRP preventing open and honest dialogue?

I’ve just completed the performance management review process this year, experiencing my schools new PRP policy, both as a line manager and as someone who is being line managed. These are my initial thoughts on the process: My personal experience: As usual I prepared fully for the meeting as I usually do. I had documented […]

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A blog post revisited – Teach Meet: Behaviour Management

I think I have found a successful formula for my blog to get a lot of traffic.  That is either be on the receiving end of a one sentence critique from @oldandrew or to point out the poor leadership of my line managers. However I didn’t start to blog for that reason, or for financial gains, […]

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Learning from a ranting blog post.

I’ve reached a cross roads in my teaching career. I’ve been teaching for 12 years and I’ve either got to fully embrace the profession, look to develop my weaknesses and become a better teacher or I need to leave. I started blogging last month to share my thoughts, help me reflect on my practice and […]

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A models based approach to PE: Sport Education

Using Sport Education to develop Leadership and Management Sport Education is an alternative model of delivering Physical Education, which was created by Daryl Sidentop in 1984. The traditional model of delivering Physical Education is through practice of a skill, progression of the skill and then game related practice focusing on the skill. What Sport Education tries […]

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Examination PE: What I learnt today from a Maths Teacher

The last time I taught A-Level PE was two years ago. It went pretty poorly and for the first time in over a decade I had students who didn’t meet their target grades or better. At the time in my write up to the Headmaster I found every excuse under the sun, other than my […]