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Purposeful PE

The goal of this post is to state my current thinking with regards to Purposeful Physical Education. It is not meant to persuade you, the reader, that this is the ‘correct way’ or the ‘only way’ to approach Physical Education. It is a post to help clarify my thoughts. To see if my actions, judgements and […]

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Motor skill learning and summer sports

In the last few years I have taken coaching courses in Athletics and Cricket. Course content seemed to be directed by current research and thinking about motor skills learning, which I have tried to find out more about and implement into my own teaching and coaching. Attentional Focus (in Athletics) An indvidual’s focus of attention plays a […]


PE and Sport – A week in the headlines

PE and Sport has been under the spotlight this week and has been making headlines. Sport England launched its THIS GIRL CAN campaign, to help persuade more women to adopt lifelong sporting habits. Through their research they have identified that less women participate in sport and physical activity than men, but a significant amount would want […]

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Three wise monkeys of research

Initially there were no monkeys. Just a proverb which focused on being good of mind, speech and of action. The monkeys themselves originated in Japan on a play on words of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. The pronunciation of the words was the same as the names of three monkeys. The […]