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Opening the door to more.

My very first lesson as a qualified teacher was also nearly my very last. I was teaching Olympic Gymnastics to 34 Year 11 boys; rings, pommels, parallel bars, vaulting and floor work. Thankfully I had the chance to tweak my lesson as I had the opportunity to watch Noel, a very experienced member of the […]

Personal Reflection

Role Models

It’s performance management season again and I’m really beginning to despise it. Not for what it is trying to do, but what it has become. There is a pernicious idea that has taken hold in my experience of performance management that more is always better. No matter what you may have done last year, no […]

School Sport

A teacher’s approach to refereeing rugby

In the last week I have refereed 6 competitive games of school rugby. After each game I have had opposition parents or staff kindly (stabbing their finger into my chest with raised voices) share their opinion (now if they could just allow me off the pitch before they do this) of the standard of my refereeing […]