Sharing our failures #2

This is my second post about sharing failures within PE. This was born out of a discussion with the online PE community about ultimately what we wanted from our PLNs. Some of us felt if we were to get anything useful we needed to get beyond a culture of self promotion and backslapping and start … Continue reading Sharing our failures #2

Sharing our failures #1

In a recent blog, Mel Hamada, wrote about her perceptions of the culture of online Physical Education community. Mel felt that a lot of interactions within the community were about self-promotion, 'back slapping' and 'high fiving each other'. Sentiments I both share and am guilty of through this blog and on Twitter. Reflecting on this … Continue reading Sharing our failures #1

Bringing down the wall

My partner grew up in West Berlin, in a borough called Neukölln, which was part of the American Sector. When she was 14 the wall came down and she remembers that day vividly. It had a major impact on making her the beautifully complex woman she is today. The influx of Eastern Germans into her Gymnasium School, … Continue reading Bringing down the wall

Team Selection for Teachers

Team Selection for School Teams Team selection for school teams can be a tricky business. It requires you to walk a fine line of ensuring teams are competitive, that everyone in the squad feels like they have a chance to be selected, that you have no favourites and that above and beyond you value effort … Continue reading Team Selection for Teachers

Teach Meet: Standards and Expectations for 6th Form in academic subjects

This year as part of our new CPD provision we have a 10 minute Teach Meet once a month. This is by run by one teacher who shares their teaching practice with whoever attends, with a 5 minute Q and A at the end. The last session was on behaviour management with KS3 students. Today … Continue reading Teach Meet: Standards and Expectations for 6th Form in academic subjects

The platitude of Excellence

For the last two years in my school I have the heard the word 'excellence' mentioned at every start of every term. It is what my school aspires to. It is what as a teacher I must deliver through my teaching. I must demand it from my students in their learning and in turn they … Continue reading The platitude of Excellence

Common practice of successful departments

Common practice of successful departments: There are 4 exceptional departments in my school, and by exceptional I'm referring to exam results. Year on year with different cohorts they exceed expectations and deliver what can only be described as outstanding results and value added. Over the course of the last 2 weeks I have spoken to the HoD's … Continue reading Common practice of successful departments