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The fountain of character

First week back and ‘character education’ has reared its head again. From conversations with SLT about how to develop it in our students, to a colleague who expressed that a student lacked it and finally to parents on the side of the cricket pitch extolling a batsman who demonstrated it. Everyone has their thoughts and […]

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Withdrawal from school sport as a sanction

Withdrawing a student from school sport Withdrawing students from school sport as sanction is a contentious issue and one I think requires thorough thought and forward planning. If used wisely and correctly it can have the desired positive outcome, however more often I believe it is used because it is seen as an easy stick […]

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The Double Hot Cross Bun Theory

The Scenario Think about this scenario: – The curriculum changes, everybody in the school gets letters and due to changes your going to get made redundant as your job will disappear. What are your very thoughts? My first one was ‘how am I going to afford my house? What are your feelings? My initial feeling was anxiety/anger […]

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Three wise monkeys of research

Initially there were no monkeys. Just a proverb which focused on being good of mind, speech and of action. The monkeys themselves originated in Japan on a play on words of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. The pronunciation of the words was the same as the names of three monkeys. The […]

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5 key messages to my department for this year.

5 Key messages for my Department Vision As a department we need to be on board at what are vision is for students at Reading School. In all that we do we are promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, in school, out of school and beyond school. We need to move away from just a […]

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‘Interventions’ to help develop a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.

Intervention Intervention seems to be the rage at the moment, at least it is a buzzword in my school. It stems from ensuring pupils make the required progress and meet targets set. As teachers we are supposed to know the current attainment level of our students and ensure our teaching gets the required amount of […]