TGfU Takeaways #3

Between Monday 25th July and Wednesday 27th July 2016 I attended the Teaching Games for Understanding Conference in Cologne, Germany. This is the third in a series of posts that forms a collection of the knowledge shared by the presenters along with some of my own personal thoughts and questions. The first post, TGfU Takeaways #1, looked at the philosophy that … Continue reading TGfU Takeaways #3

Questioning for games based approaches

Fundamentally a Games Based Approach to teaching sport is a positive learner centred approach. The focus is on the 'how to play', rather than the 'what to do'. Generally teachers use them to improve game playing understanding and ability, increase pupil motivation and to provide a positive experience of learning. There are many variants of Games … Continue reading Questioning for games based approaches

A models based approach to PE: TGfU

My last 'models based approached to PE' showed how we had implemented Sport Education into our KS4 Curriculum with a particular focus on developing student leadership. This post will focus on showing how we have implemented a Teaching Games for Understanding approach to introducing Year 7s to rugby. Why did we adopt a TGfU? In … Continue reading A models based approach to PE: TGfU