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Is the ‘perfect model’ always perfect? 

This is a story about Greg and ‘the hammer’. But before I get to that story lets start with the perfect model. The perfect model is a mental template of a movement pattern towards which we want all learners to aspire to. As teachers of PE this would be a key area of subject specific […]

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Motor skill learning and summer sports

In the last few years I have taken coaching courses in Athletics and Cricket. Course content seemed to be directed by current research and thinking about motor skills learning, which I have tried to find out more about and implement into my own teaching and coaching. Attentional Focus (in Athletics) An indvidual’s focus of attention plays a […]

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PE Challenge No. 4

Over the next 8 weeks, every weekend, I will offer you a challenge for the following week. These challenges will come from other teachers, researchers, academics and coaches and take on different formats. You can try one, try the ones you like, or try them all. The hope is that it will stimulate thought about […]

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TLC – Verbal Feedback (1)

TLC – Verbal Feedback This year as an option for CPD we can join a Teacher and Learning Community (TLCs) at school. The aim of these communities is to improve teachers own practice through collaboration with an overall impact to improve student learning outcomes. The whole school focus of these TLCs is on the area […]