Start with Who

An incident from a Year 9 parents evening many years ago continues to inform my thinking and practice. I was just about to leave when a parent popped their head around the door to see if one of my colleagues was still there. They had already left, but I offered to talk to her about … Continue reading Start with Who

Going through the Gears

'Going through the Gears' is a shared mental model that can help pupils to make decisions, communicate those decisions with each other, then reflect on the effectiveness of those decisions. The idea is that team (and individuals) performance improves if team members have a shared understanding of the task that is to be performed and of … Continue reading Going through the Gears

Still drowning, only better.

"Ten years of practice without reflection, is just one year of practice repeated ten times." Today marks the second birthday of Drowning in the Shallow. Drowning in the Shallow is essentially a metaphor for how I was feeling when I first started blogging. Drowning, because I was increasingly becoming aware that it was impossible to … Continue reading Still drowning, only better.

Movement Performance or Movement Learning?

Recently my line manager came to observe me coaching as part of my performance management review as Director of Sport. The session he decided to choose to watch was an U12 cricket training session after school. The focus of the session was around the principles of play for the fielding side, specifically working on developing the motor skills of … Continue reading Movement Performance or Movement Learning?

Why Asking Questions Might Not Be the Best Way to Teach

Most tweets usually evaporate into the ether without so much as an echo. However some bear fruit. I would like to share with you one of the tweets and some of the conversation that flourished out of it. In February, Stuart Armstrong, shared an article entitled Why Asking Questions Might Not Be the Best Way to … Continue reading Why Asking Questions Might Not Be the Best Way to Teach

Mosston, Ashworth and me.

I was first introduced to both Mosston and Ashworth in October 2001 at St. Luke's. It was Will, the head of the course, who made those intial introductions, but they seemed to be friends of everyone involved in the training of teachers of Physical Education. I could see why some of my peers found it … Continue reading Mosston, Ashworth and me.

5 PE and Sport Articles to make you think

Here are five articles related to physical activity or sport that have made me think, and question my own held beliefs and practices within PE lessons or youth sports coaching sessions:   International Olympic Committee consensus statement on youth athletic development The IOC clearly states its goal in this paper: to develop healthy, capable and … Continue reading 5 PE and Sport Articles to make you think

Developing better PE Teaching

I'm sat in the back right hand corner of a crowded classroom. It is filled with other PE Teachers, who like me, are eager to learn. To develop and refine our PE teaching. The session begins. As soon as the first App is flashed up on the interactive whiteboard, and the enthusiastic instructor starts their … Continue reading Developing better PE Teaching

The Mindset Journey

Yesterday, at the Wellington Festival of Education, I had the pleasure of listening to Carol Dweck speak on her research with regards to Mindsets - Fixed and Growth. Carol Dweck explained we hold both these mindsets, simultaneously, which creates a psychological battle on 3 main fronts: 1. The two mindsets have two different goals FM … Continue reading The Mindset Journey

The fountain of character

First week back and 'character education' has reared its head again. From conversations with SLT about how to develop it in our students, to a colleague who expressed that a student lacked it and finally to parents on the side of the cricket pitch extolling a batsman who demonstrated it. Everyone has their thoughts and … Continue reading The fountain of character