Recently I sat around a table with my old school friends discussing how rugby had and continues to enrich our lives. We exchanged opinions on a wide range of ideas that included building confidence, joyful memories, a sense of belonging, cultural capital that provided further opportunities, self-identity and preparing us to deal with the realities… Read More Frames

The PE Playbook – October 2017 Edition

Blogger of the Month Chris Beardsley is an independent researcher in Strength and Conditioning. His website Strength and Conditioning Research is full of excellent analysis of recent S & C articles however recently he has started blogging at SandCResearch on Medium where he promises to tell you how strength training works. As someone who is more and more… Read More The PE Playbook – October 2017 Edition

The Equalizer 

Teaching Physical Education can be pretty complex at times. We can look to try and reduce that complexity through a number of ways; having a clear purpose, building subject knowledge, increasing our range of teaching styles, having a solid lesson plan and knowing our pupils. However in any one class we are teaching we are… Read More The Equalizer 

The PE Playbook – August 2017 Edition

  Blogger of the Month Jono Byrne at My Fastest Mile has written a ‘mini-series’ I’ve called Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle. ‘Short and punchy posts’ that are his brutally personal reflections from 2 years of working in the UK’s Olympic sport system. Specifically looking at the root of failures he was involved in and I feel that… Read More The PE Playbook – August 2017 Edition