Advocating for Meaningful Experiences in PE

The mystery Every day PE Teachers are trying to help children to move, with the aim of them becoming adults that move, but there is a mystery for us to solve. Habitual daily movement clearly has a positive correlation with a large number of beneficial outcomes that we would all want to have in our … Continue reading Advocating for Meaningful Experiences in PE

Meaningful Experiences in PE: Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles of Meaningful PE Movement has the potential to enrich human existence and Physical Education can be a site that contributes to this by creating meaningful experiences of movement. Meaningful experiences are those that hold ‘personal significance’ to the learner. PE Teachers who subscribe to the creation of meaningful experiences, are influenced not just … Continue reading Meaningful Experiences in PE: Guiding Principles

The Equalizer 

Teaching Physical Education can be pretty complex at times. We can look to try and reduce that complexity through a number of ways; having a clear purpose, building subject knowledge, increasing our range of teaching styles, having a solid lesson plan and knowing our pupils. However in any one class we are teaching we are … Continue reading The Equalizer 

Towards the Deep End

Do we teach for joy and delight? These words from Scott Kretchmar have been ringing in my head since I first heard them on Andy Vasily's podcast with him a few weeks ago.  Fun and Delight are two human experiences which can be realised through movement. To Kretchmar fun is a shallow and fleeting distraction, … Continue reading Towards the Deep End

Where is the value in fun?

Essentially I believe Physical Education to be about the learning of movement and all things associated with movement. For that learning to occur I believe we need to help students find the value in movement rather than just the fun in it. This post is an attempt to clarify my thinking behind why I favour … Continue reading Where is the value in fun?