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The fountain of character

First week back and ‘character education’ has reared its head again. From conversations with SLT about how to develop it in our students, to a colleague who expressed that a student lacked it and finally to parents on the side of the cricket pitch extolling a batsman who demonstrated it. Everyone has their thoughts and […]

Professional Development Teaching and Learning

TLC – Verbal Feedback (3)

This year I’m focusing on improving peer verbal feedback within my classroom. You can read my back ground reading and preparation here and here. I believe being able to verbalise performance is key to improving Physical Education. Movement and talking about movement go hand in hand.¬†Teacher verbal feedback is hugely important to help students progress […]

School Sport

A teacher’s approach to refereeing rugby

In the last week I have refereed 6 competitive games of school rugby. After each game I have had opposition parents or staff kindly (stabbing their finger into my chest with raised voices) share their opinion (now if they could just allow me off the pitch before they do this)¬†of the standard of my refereeing […]