The PE Playbook – August 2015 Edition

Welcome to the August 2015 Edition of the PE Playbook. The PE Playbook is a review of blog posts over the past month that are specific to Physical Education or Youth Sport. Its about bringing these blog posts into a format that is easy to find, use and share. Hopefully this will result in more PE Teachers (and others) reading them and engaging with them. If you have any feedback about the presentation or content of the PE Playbook then please let me know in the comments section of this post or via @ImSporticus.

You can find previous editions of the PE Playbook here.


Anne Josephson is President and CEO of the Josephson Academy of Gymnastics who blogs at JAG Gym Blog. A recent addition to my reading list, her posts highlight a child centred philosophy to both gymnastics and coaching in general. Many of her messages are directed at parents, but can be transferred straight into the PE environment. 9 reasons it is hard to let kids fail (and how a butterfly can help) is a wonderful post that explores what happens when we let children fail, and how we can be there for them. As PE Teachers it is essential we create a safe place for our pupils to learn how to fail and recover from it. Overcoming failure is key to gymnastics development, in Welcome to Gymnastics: We Teach Kids How to Fail Anne talks about how we should talk about failure as a concept instead of a definition. This line of thinking is continued in Gymnasts: Remember This When You Think You “Suck”  and how we can help our pupils rephrase self talk and self analysis to encourage a positive mindset in trying again or differently. Last month James Harrison an Ex-NFL linebacker made waves when he posted on instagram his thoughts about participation trophies. It created a huge discussion on social media and in the press and Anne’s reflections Should Everyone Get a Trophy? were so of the most balanced and well thought out I read. Her answer….it depends on the situation and the context. Finally in this short but to the point post Anne shares here one question that may help to make you a better coach Answering This One Question May Help You Be a Better Coach.


Teaching Tactical Creativity- Dr. Daniel Memmert by Mark O’Sullivan is an interview with Dr. Daniel Memmert who is a researcher in cognition and a habilitation in creativity in team and racket sports from the Elite University of Heidelberg.

Get HyPE: When Will the Nontraditional Become the Traditional? by Sarah Gietschier-Hartman looks at the dichotomy of traditional and non-traditional PE and tries to look beyond it at best practice in PE.

21st Century Learning and Recognition of Cultural Worth in Physical Literacy by Len Almond continues his series exploring Physical Literacy and trying to build a clearer framework that practitioners can use in their work.

Why Every Coach (Yes You!) Should Write by Craig Pickering gives us 8 compelling reasons why coaches (and PE teachers) should write.

Why every young athlete should train less and play more by Dr Craig Harrison  shares with us the reasons why encouraging kids to play and providing the opportunities to do so, particularly during their early stages of development, is valuable.

TEACH: Integrating technology into teaching by moveeatteach a HPE teacher from Australia reviews the obstacles of integrating IT into her classroom and what methods she has used to overcome them.

To Play or Not to Play? That is the Question… by Peter Boucher via Gopher Sport asks a question that is always on my mind – ‘should we join in with our PE classes?’

Staying Current and Energized as a Physical Educator by Margaret Robelee gives some personal insight of how to stay fresh, positive and engergised in teaching PE after 30 years of experience in the job.

Simple, Complicated and Complex by Shane Pill wonders if PE researchers and teachers are asking the right questions within our subject. That perhaps our focus should be on the system leverage points, those small changes that can have a massive impact.

The Solution to our Coaching Problem by John O’Sullivan hypothesises that the problems in youth sport are down to coaches and suggests a number of ways to solve this issue.


The Why, What, and How to run a PHYSedcamp & Demo Slam

#PEINSTITUTE2015 Reflection


No More Cupcakes For Birthday Parties?

Why children need to move throughout the school day

Professional Development for Professionals

OUTDOOR ED: Using feedback to enhance learning

Bikes in PE? You Betcha.

PhysEdsummit 3.0 – A wrap!

What the What???? WTW The perils of growing a Growth Mindset

Thought of the Day: August 17th, 2015

Goal Setting

Stop, Play & Learn

The Under Construction Mindset: Home is Where the Heart Is

Pay it Forward!

My Warmup Conundrum

PE + 3 and – 3

Physical Literacy and Fundamental Movement Skills

Speed Development

7 day cooling off period

How do our student tasks affect change? #penzchat

Childhood Obesity

Service through Standards

Good Teaching is L.I.F.E Reflection by Blue Jay Bridge

How to delay ageing!

What are The Components of a Successful Physical Education Lesson Plan?


My First Week of School Lesson Plan

Supercharging Student Reflection Blog Post Series Step 1 – Defining Purpose

Supercharging Student Reflection Blog Post Series Step 2 – Make It Visible

Supercharging Student Reflection Blog Post Series Step 3 – Identifying Struggles

Supercharging Student Reflection Blog Post Series Step 4 – Goal Setting

Supercharging Student Reflection Blog Post Series Step 5 – Establishing Expectations

Supercharging Student Reflection Blog Post Series Step 6 – Owning the Goal

Supercharging Student Reflection Blog Post Series Step 7 – Celebration

Class Rules for PE

What’s it like teaching primary?

Should we have Primary PE Specialists?

How to Plan a Whole Year of PE in 15 minutes

Pilates in Physical Education?

Mile Club Activity

Inuit Games in Physical Education


The Mystery Box PE Challenge

Teaching Yoga in Middle School

Learnings from Down Under

We Built a School!

Connecting my student’s learning

Here comes August!

Training – Running and Fitness

Personal thoughts on High Jumping

Girls in the Backcountry


Why Should You Use Plickers in PE?

What’s important to you?

10 Lessons I’ve learnt Using Tech in PE

Communication – new idea to try


Plickers for paperless assessments!!

My Top Tech PE Resources For Young Kids

Google Forms + autoCrat = Educational Gold


Results Day

What if PE was less physical?


What if we are wrong about early specialisation?

Learning About Movement: The Squat

Obesity epidemics – no short term fix, we need long term cures

Creating Creativity-Supporting Environments

BLOG: Putting the propositions into practice


The #PhysEd Podcast -Ep15- LIVE from #PEInstitute15

Episode 37 – Outdoor Recreation & Technology

Point of Learning podcast – Part 1: 10 Points – my questions & thoughts from the first half of the podcast

Episode 38 – Google Chrome Apps in PE


Start Your Season Right With A Pre-Season Parents’ Meeting

It’s Time to Break the Barriers to a Healthier Community

How to Become a Better Athlete by Training the Central Nervous System

Sporting Influencer: Introduction

10 Critical Conditions to Develop Creative Potential in Young Footballers

Coaching Conversations #7 : Wayne Harrison

13 Ways to be More Coachable

Extreme Football

The Ideal Parent and the Ideal Coach

Less ego, more values

Youth sports: What has changed and what needs to be fixed?

You can’t always get what you want

3 Things Any Team Can Learn from the 2015 NBA Champs

Coaching Conversations #8 : Miguel Rios

Developing the talent of First and Minor County cricketers: notes from the ESCA festival.

Double Gaze- Analysing and Coaching 1v1 Attacking Situations

Creative Small Sided Games

Zen & the Art of Performance Coaching


No Tactics Until 13? Nonsense.

Four Ways to Develop Better Athletes

To S&C or Not to S&C – That is The Question

When I was your age…..

My Learning Space


Olympic Medalist Dick Fosbury and the Surprising Power of Being Unconventional

Why agility training is like learning to ride a bike

The other giant leap for mankind

The Interleaving Effect: Mixing It Up Boosts Learning

Actions outweigh leadership

Will coaching eventually become more data management than man management?

Learning strength and conditioning lessons from the military

How to Help Students Raise Their Game

Is Mindfulness the New ‘Corbynmania’?

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