The PE Playbook – August 2017 Edition


Blogger of the Month

Jono Byrne at My Fastest Mile has written a ‘mini-series’ I’ve called Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle. ‘Short and punchy posts’ that are his brutally personal reflections from 2 years of working in the UK’s Olympic sport system. Specifically looking at the root of failures he was involved in and I feel that we can all learn from Jono’s stories no matter what level of sport delivery we are involved in:

That change is a threat when done to me, but an opportunity when done by me.

That the search for a ‘quick fix’ and ‘silver bullet’ will only lead to winning over welfare.

That we need to rethink the relationships between coaches, athletes, and the system that exists to serve them.

That we look to build a sports system that operates in a “socially responsible way.

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Old wine in new bottles: a response to claims that teaching games for understanding was not developed as a theoretically based pedagogical framework

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