The PE Playbook – January 2018 Edition

Blogger of the Month

Stuart McMillan is a professional strength and conditioning coach who mainly focuses on working with sprint athletes. Stuart blogs at McMilliamSpeed on a wide range of topics; anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, philosophy,  leadership, psychology. The list goes on. What I like about Stuart is that he is willing to go beyond his own domain to look for answers to his coaching problems and is willing to sit with the uncertainty that brings. His recent blog posts are a smorgasbord of thoughts and ideas (UNLOAD: Week 1; Jan 1-7 2018, UNLOAD Week 2: Jan 8-14 2018, UNLOAD week 3: Jan 15-21, Very Stable Genius: week 4; Jan 22-28 2018)  that are influencing his coaching process at the moment. Whilst you are unlikely to find simple solutions through his ‘working out loud’, you will undoubtedly find a strand that resonates and may lead you to ask better questions of your own teaching and coaching. It certainly does for me.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Physical Education – a Wicked Problem  is by Shane Pill who looks at the pedagogical battleground of a physical emphasised PE and an educational emphasised PE.  (Also check out Humanistic Physical Education which details Hellison’s value based perspective of Physical Education)

When is a model a model? continues Ash Casey‘s excellent series on Models Based Practices within PE, questioning whether practitioners need fidelity when implementing a chosen model.

Foundational Beliefs – Guiding Lights Vern Gambetta shares the foundations of which is coaching philosophy is built upon.

Performance is not Progress is a good reminder from Mike Tyler that we cannot mistake the improvement of performance for progress or learning.

TGfU CLA CGBL NLP…omg…can we not just play a game? from Andrew Beavan wants to get beyond the academic fighting over the best games approach and get down to designing games that help children to learn.

Physical activity is not just about sport is an Education Business article that asks us to shift away from traditional sports as the main way of engaging people in physical activity.

What Young Children Identify as the Outcomes of their Participation in Sport and Physical Activity is a recent price of research by Ed Cope and colleagues that looks to gain insight about what children want from their experiences of physical activity.

Explicit Teaching for Learning in Physical Education: Some thoughts by Justin O’Connor looks to clearly and simply clarify what explicit teaching is and isn’t with regards to PE and motor learning.

Cues Revisited is a thoughtful post by Balbinder Singh that explores his careful thinking about what the roles of cues are.

Team Time by Sherri Spelic exhorts the value in professional dialogue for not just teaching and learning purposes, but greating a sense of place and belonging within the workplace.

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