The PE Playbook – May 2018 Edition

Blogger of the Month

Not a blog but a podcast. The Teacher in Classroom 21 is a new podcast by James, Marta and Mike, the crew behind the EverLearner and MyPEExam. The focus of the podcast is on what a modern world classroom looks like, with guests invited on to share their opinions and to initiate challenge and debate. Although a relatively new podcast the guests have been of a very high standard with David Didau asking what if everything we know about education is wrong, the strengths and weaknesses of teacher observation for professional development with Dr Matt O’Leary or David Weston on his new book ‘how to unleash great teaching’. There is something for everyone, from physical education to beyond. I look forward where the EverLearner team take the podcast and its exploration of a modern 21st-century classroom.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Do we fatten our kids in front of screens? Yes, no, maybe, it depends! by Stuart Biddle explores the complexity of sedentary behaviour and its impact on obesity.

3v3 Design: Constraints in Action is a reflective piece by Jimi Vaughan, who videoed his 3 v 3 football session and sought out critical friends on how he might improve his design and delivery.

Perils of Binary Thinking and Polarised Debates is a strong warning from Paul Gamble about the negatives of echo chambers and tribes and how we must step out of them if we are to seek enlightenment.

Professional Growth 2018-19 is a contemplative musing on future directions for professional development by Mel Hamada, one of my favourite PE bloggers.

Do we need brains for Physical Education? by Balbinder Singh is an in-depth look at the cognitive domain with PE and the complexity of our body’s operating systems.

Education at Bat: Seven Principles for Educators is a wonderful article which shares Professor David Perkins thoughts on his childhood baseball experiences to develop a set of core principles and concepts for teachers.

Let the children play – Norway’s golden approach reminds us of what matters in sport

‘The Silent Weekend’ – Is it natural? How about ‘A Noisy Weekend?’ from Gordon Maclelland of Working With Parents in Sport who questions whether the movement for silence from parents at youth sports fixture is the best way forward.

Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work is a journal article from Paul Kirshner that raises issues with the effectiveness of discovery learning for novices or when learning something new.

What Parents Can Learn From a Town That Produced 11 Olympians is a New York Times article on the small town of Norwich, Vt., that has placed at least one of its own on almost every United States Winter Olympics team since 1984 and invesitages what is the Norwich Way.

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