The PE Playbook – June 2018 Edition

Blogger of the Month

Gordon MacLelland is an experienced PE Teacher and Youth coach who, after a 20-year career, has set up Working with parents in sport. The focus of his blog is to re-establish the working relationship between parent, coach and child in the hope that together they give the next generation of children every chance of maximising all the positives that sport has to offer. Whilst written mainly for parents of children who are involved in youth sport there is much information that the PE Teacher or school sports coach can gain from following and reading his blog.

Should your child play up an age group?

Elite junior athletes – do they really exist?

10 reasons my dad is the best sports dad ever!

Putting competition, development and winning in its rightful place!

The problem with making excuses for our sporting children!

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Principles of Great Coaching is an overview of UK’s principles of great coaching from Connected Coaches

Differentiation and Optimal Challenge in PE is a blog post from Dr Justen O’Connor which explores a number of ways to practically implement ideas of differentiation and optimal challenge in PE

The Missing Ingredient in Youth Physical Development from Darren Wensor puts forward that strength should be much more of a focus in youth physical development.

What encourages or inhibits children and youth participation in sport? by Shane Pill looks at the research on why children might stay committed to a sport or drop out.

Show your map is a delightful post from Richard Martin that asks whether a map may be a better way of showing our past and future than a CV.

Free Summer PD Andrew Milne offers PE Teachers a variety of good options for free professional development.

Thoughts, Words, and Actions is a reflective piece by Andy Vasily sharing how he goes about critical self-reflection as a teacher.

You don’t know what you don’t know is a personal post by Ben Ryan and how we are all works in progress that need support from others in getting better.

Simplifying and Overloading in games learning for Physical Education (PE) is an excellent article from Balbinder Singh which highlights the need for adaptability when teaching games andr the recognition there is no one size fits all approach.

Making Sense of Physical Literacy: Building Confidence from Nathan Horne continues his exploration of physical literacy, this time focusing on reflecting on and building children’s confidence when moving.

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