The PE Playbook – October 2018 Edition

‘Children who are deprived of play are less likely to develop into physically and socially competent adults.’ The Coddling of the American Mind by Lukanoff and Haidt

Blogger of the Month

Andy Vasily is a PE Teacher and Pedagogical Coordinator who has been sharing his practice via his blog at PYP PE with Andy since 2010. This month has seen Andy at his most thoughtful; explaining how he plans to create moments of flow within lessons, how he checks the understanding of his pupils mid unit and how he explicitly teaches conflict resolution in PE with his primary school pupils. We share a similar drive in trying to make physical education more than a subject that teaches a list of decontextualised techniques and provide children more meaningful experiences of movement. Two key features of meaningful experiences in PE are personally relevant learning and challenge. Andy’s blog post explains how he allows his pupils to navigate and negotiate those features within a unit of work. I would also recommend his Run Your Life Podcast,which interviews people both in education and beyond about how they strive for personal and professional excellence.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

Exploring Meaningful Movement in Physical Education is a blog post by Justen O’Connor reviewing his recent journal article Exploring a pedagogy for meaning-making in physical education where he calls for the the more subjective nature of movement to be given a more central place within the PE curriculum.

Adopting the Three Bears approach to differentiating your teaching the second article by Justen O’Connor this month, looking at one of the key features for meaningful experiences within PE, that of challenge.

Coaching as a humble vocation by Keith Lyons is a reflective monologue on the essence of being a coach.

Our Children Become the Messages They Hear the Most from Changing the Game Project promotes four messages we share with children who play sport; healthy values, sense of self, ownership of the experience, and a sense of perspective.

Pedagogical Cases of Meaningful Experiences is from the crew at Learning About Meaningful Experiences in PE and Youth Sport share a number of real life practical applications of implementing a pedagogy of meaning within PE and Youth Sport.

What Makes a Top Teacher? by Mirjam Neelen and Paul A. Kirschner look at both a simple and a more complex answer on what makes a great teacher.

Physical Education is just as important as any other school subject is an article written for the Conversation by Andy Sprake and Clive Palmer about the subjects position within schools and how we need to see the broader educational potential.

Survivorship bias and the enduring appeal of bad ideas from David Didau is a great reminder about promoting our successes without first testing them against other and potentially better ideas.

Teachers are key to girls’ self-perception is an overview of recent research by Natalie Lander which examines two key influencers that lead to engaging in physical activity which are positive self-perceptions and motor skill proficiency.

Thinking positive is a surprisingly risky manoeuvre is from the online magazine Aeon about the potential risks of thinking positively all the time.


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