The PE Playbook – February 2019 Edition

On the nature of sports: “The sports testing ground is larger than a chessboard or a bridge table. It involves the whole person, not only her mind and ego, but also her muscles, bones, blood, nerves, blood vessels, heart, endocrine glands, liver, lungs, digestive tract, and every fiber of her being. But this testing ground is still smaller than life itself. It is a segment of life, circumscribed by rules within a limited space for a limited time”. – Eleanor Metheny


Blogger of the Month

Peter Pricket is a football coach who blogs at Always Football and as it says on his blog whether he is thinking, writing or coaching it is always about football. He sums up his approach to coaching football in a Talent Equation podcast –I want to make myself unnecessary“. Peter is currently studying for a Masters at St. Mary’s University and I’m really enjoying how his reading and research is influencing his thinking and practice. In Telling Tales he explains how he aligns his pedagogy to the socio-cultural context, children’s capabilities and the learning intentions, something we should always be looking to do. It is clear he is also pushing his range of pedagogies, exploring whether good digital video games design can inform game based sports coaching in his excellent blog post Space Age Whizz Kids. It is always of interest to read someone else’s thoughts who is practiced focused but wants that to be evidenced informed. Finally I can highly recommend his book Developing Skill: A Guide to 3v3 Soccer Coaching which has been passed around the PE department this term, supporting our after school coaching.

Top 10 Articles of the Month

The Emotions Toolbox: Emotional Self-Regulation In Physical Education is a very good resource by Joey Feith of The Physical Educator for those PE Teachers who might be interested in the Affective Domain and building emotional understanding and control within PE.

“PE is something to get through”: If it ain’t broke then why do so many kids not like it? continues Dr Ash Casey’s series into the nature and purpose of physical education, this time by reviewing Locke’s paper on secondary school physical education and whether it is broken and no longer fit for purpose.

The Leader who Listened is a My Fastest Mile piece by Mark Upton who challenges the mythical heroic leadership approach to one that listens to the expertise around them, is comfortable with discussion and dialogue and is able to invite others into the conversation.

Why it is important to understand mental health and the positive effect you can have as a coach is a Connected Coaches post by Steve O’Keefe who offers a good reminder that the positive impact you can have as a coach is not just a technical and physical one.

Let Children Get Bored Again is a New York Times opinion piece by Pamela Paul who makes the case that boredom is fundamental in developing creativity and build self sufficiency in children.

What is Non-Linear Pedagogy & the Constraints Led Approach?” is a podcast by Josh Faga interviewing Ben Franks, who does a great job in explaining NLP and CLA in a informative and accessible way. Show notes are also provided.

End in Mind is GB Hockey’s Talent Development Framework, and although hockey focused there is much there for PE Teachers and youth sport coaches of other sports to takeaway and reflect upon.

PE – a History of Violence is a radio documentary by Dr Matthew Sweet about the development of physical education within England and a must listen for any PE Teacher.

A teacher is an authoritative guide is a wonderful post by Mike Tyler infusing the philosophy of Michael Polyani and Scott Kretchmar into his own way of teaching – the authoritative guide.

Amanda Spielman, OFSTED’s Chief Inspector, gives a speech at the Youth Sport Trust 2019 Conference about PE and School Sport and its place in the upcoming inspection framework.

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