The PE Playbook – April 15 Edition

Welcome to the April 2015 Edition of the PE Playbook. The PE Playbook is a review of blog posts over the past month that are specific to Physical Education or Youth Sport. Its about bringing these blog posts into a format that is easy to find, use and share. Hopefully this will result in more PE Teachers reading them and engaging with them. If you have any feedback about the presentation or content of the PE Playbook then please let me know in the comments section of this post or via @ImSporticus.

Blogger of the Month

Without doubt the best Physical Education Blogger at the moment is Dr. Vicky Goodyear @VGoodyear an ex PE Teacher and now Senior Lecturer in PE and Sports Pedagogy at the University of Bedford. Her current VLOG series on PE from her website PE and Sport VLOG is aimed at practising PE teachers and is hugely informative and thought provoking. Vicky’s decision to VLOG is a brave one, but the result is a powerful medium to express current ideas and thinking within Physical Education. Vlogging is easily the best format to share information about current research and ideas within Physical Education and hopefully more PE Teachers will take the plunge. If you haven’t yet watched her VLOGs then you are clearly missing out. Below are all the VLOGs so far to date in this excellent series:

VLOG 1: An Introduction

VLOG 2: Challenging tradition: making running fun and educational

VLOG 3: What would your students VLOG about?

VLOG 4: Cooperative Learning in PE

VLOG 5: Going online for professional learning

VLOG 6: The Transmission of New Practices

VLOG 7: More than the Distance – STAD in Athletics

VLOG 8: Assessing toward the physically active life

Notable Mentions

Nick Hill @Hillios2012 is a qualified PE Teacher and Rugby Coach who has moved to Chile to further develop his passion, which is TGfU within Rugby. His website Nick Hill Coaching is full of detailed information on TGfU, rugby analysis and his own personal philosophy for coaching. I would suggest reading and watching his post on the power of questioning in TGfU, where he videos his sessions and then deeply reflects on his teaching and interaction with the students he is coaching. His latest series of posts is on Deliberate Practice, whilst focussed on rugby, is a comprehensive review of what the principle means and how it can be applied:

How does the Principle of ‘Deliberate Practice’ apply to the coaching of Rugby Union…? Part i

How does the Principle of ‘Deliberate Practice’ apply to the coaching of Rugby Union..? Part ii

How does the Principle of ‘Deliberate Practice’ apply to the coaching of Rugby Union…? Part iii

How does the Principle of ‘Deliberate Practice’ apply to the coaching of Rugby Union…? Part iv

Subject Support @SubjectSupport is running the inaugural National PE Conference PE Pedagogy. There are some excellent speakers and workshops already lined up for the day. In the build up to the event they have started a series of posts from PE teachers who share their personal philosophy on PE and how it shapes their actions and decisions. It would be wonderful if some other PE Teachers submitted their philosophies to add to the collection.

My PE Philosophy – Michael Davison

My PE Philosophy – Tom Brush

PE Philosophy – @ImSporticus

Primary Physical Education

Noise Control in PE

The Best Parts of My Week – 4/6/15–4/10/15

Thought of the Day: April 16th, 2015 – Provocations within Athletics

Little Teachers Giving Feedback

The Best Parts of My Week – 4/13/15–4/17/15

The 4-Corner Relay Challenge

The Grade 5 Movement Composition Journey

Simple Thought to Get Kids Thinking JUMP!

Field Day Dance

The Best Parts of My Week 4/20/15–4/24/15

ES Sports Day – 2015 DONE!

Secondary Physical Education

Voices of #PhysEd: The Growth Mindset and Invisible DisabilitiesCoaching

Voices of #Physed: APE Through the Student’s Eyes

Classic mistakes are always the best

Heat maps for a shot analysis in Badminton

Dodgeball – threat or opportunity?

You Live, You Learn

The PE Teacher MOT?

Voices of #PhysEd: Not “Black” Enough?

My Mind Has Been Blown!!

Safe Practice within Physical Education

Teaching Games for Understanding & Visible Thinking Routines for #ACHPER15

Time to Unlock Potential

Reaching the unreachable

Burns My Britches

Creative Movement with Martial Arts

Are high expectations and outcomes the key for successful teaching?

Ever Wonder What Kids Think About Movement & Physical Education…

Human Targets: Yay or Nay

Reaching the unreachable 2

Opportunities, Mentors, And A Growth Mindset: A Personal Story About The Journey Towards Finding One’s Passion

Youth Sport Trust Reveals Class Of 2035

Research in Physical Education

The importance of Play in sport “skill” learning

Finding value in running…again

Mark Upton – 4 corner matrix for player development

Fitting in when you don’t know the ‘rules’

The boy who ‘used to’

Smart moves: exploring the wider benefits of physical activity

PE Podcasts

Episode 28 – Mindfulness & Physical Education

The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – #Physed Showcase – Edition #3

The PHYSEDagogy Podcast – Special Edition – Conferences Reviews & Previews

The #PhysEd Podcast -Ep14- LIVE from ECIS PE Munich

Episode 29 – App Enabled Accessories

Academic PE

PAARC Life – a model of developing emotional intelligent and resilient students

So what is an ‘Amygdala Highjack’?

Solo Taxonomy, iPads, e-hexagon learning & Explain Everything

Using YRBS Statistics in Health Education

Dancing To the Beat of…Empathy

Tech in PE and Sport

Going Native

Screencasting – state your purpose, find your app!

When things don’t go to plan…

Crystal & Jo’s Excellent Adventures Ep. 8Tech in PE

Top Android Apps for PE Teachers

Talk Box for PD

Screencasting Presentation from #ACHPER15

Augmented Reality #PhysEd Board Game

The New #PEPics

WWWTW: Technology wins, teaching fails!

#PEPics: Visuals

Kahoot & Physical Education

Coaching and Youth Sports

World-Class Commonalities Boost U.S. Kids

The 4 Biggest Problems in Youth Sports Today

A Special Forces Officer Teaches You 5 Secrets to Overcoming Adversity

Youth Sport Trust Manifesto For PE and School Sport

Adult touch policy in sport

Five Top Coaching Talent Books


What type of training is your child receiving from the coach?


Coaching the “Whole Child”   beyond Balls,Bibs and Cones.

Metabolic conditioning and small sided games

Techniques to encourage learning…

Responsibilities of the student athlete

Three steps to improving your performance: Coaching through positive reflection and action

The universal language we can play, but can’t speak

Why a coach driven approach could actually empower your players?

Sports Set Our Kids up for Success – But WE Must Follow Through

Do some athletes know how to be coached?

You say tomato I say tomato……

So what did you learn today?

Be Careful With Advice from Armchair Experts


The Importance of Not Overreacting to Athletes’ Mistakes

Is my child overtraining?

The Growth of Parkour

Hidden Curriculums: The socialisation that is occuring within your coaching environment


10 Non-Athletic things every Athlete should do

Repetition without Repetition

Learning in Three Dimensions

The Coaching Process

We have to be creative with our pedagogy to get people to reflect and think

Decision Making in Small Side Games

News, Articles and Miscellaneous

Fast Dinner. Instant Favorite.

How to Prevent Illness by Boosting Your Immune System

A Special Forces Officer Teaches You 5 Secrets to Overcoming Adversity

Ignition to Learn

The joy of physical synchrony

Is your walking style making you depressed?

Swimming, gardening or golf ‘not enough to prevent early death’

A Second Chance at Physical Literacy…

The 5 Best Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables


What Really Caused Andy Murray’s Meltdown?

The Importance of Failure: A Culture of False Success

What’s She Learning?

Our Children, Your Environment, The Consequences…

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