The PE Playbook – February 2017 Edition

Welcome to the February 2017 Edition of the PE Playbook. The PE Playbook is a review of blog posts over the past month that are specific to Physical Education or Youth Sport. Its about bringing these blog posts into a format that is easy to find, use and share. Hopefully this will result in more PE Teachers (and others) reading them and engaging with them. If you have any feedback about the presentation or content of the PE Playbook then please let me know in the comments section of this post or via @ImSporticusPrevious Editions of the PE Playbook can be found here.


Joey Peters is an ex professional footballer and now coach who blogs at Game Play Learn. Her philosophy of coaching youth sport (mainly football) is elegantly simple; design the game, let them play and watch them learn. For me it is the design of the game that can be difficult, especially my subject knowledge is weak in a certain sport. This month Joey started writing a Game Design Series, shaping the game to get desired learning outcomes. Soccer Dodgeball, Gamifying Set Plays  Let The Kids Design and a Multi-Sport Experience are great practical examples of designing games for learning in football football which can could be applied to other youth sports. Joey aims to bring back the power of play to the childhood experience of youth sport. If you share that belief then I highly recommend subscribing to her blog.












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