The PE Playbook – December 2017 Edition

Bloggers of the Year

As with keeping in tradition, there is no Blogger of the Month in December. Instead, we have a reminder of previous Bloggers of the Month throughout the whole of 2017. If you are interested in PE or Youth Sport then you should definitely consider following them.

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Top 10 Articles of the Month

What core underlying standards are you teaching? by Mel Hamada once again ‘works out loud‘ to share her thought process on developing standards for a PE curriculum.

afPE Chair on why physical education in schools is about ‘so much more than producing sporty people’ is a statement from Mike Crichton on how PE includes sport, but just sport isn’t PE.

Critical #PhysEd Friends is from PHYSEDagogy and is a thoughtful piece about the cultural dilemmas a middle school PE teacher has to contend with and overcome.

Early Years Group: Response to the Ofsted publication ‘Bold Beginnings’ is The International Physical Literacy Association’s acknowledgement and counter to the Goverment’s recent report and recommendations for the Reception Curriculum.

The Power of Provocation by Andy Vasily is the development of his use of provocations when teaching PE

Are sport mega-events an opiate for the middle classes? is an opinion piece by Professor Mike Weed about the aim of large sporting events.

Is there enough P in PE? is from Neil Rollings of Independent Coach Education on the continual conflict between the physical and the education in PE and whether we have the current balance right.

Valuing play within coaching is from Richard Cheetham who reminds us that the benefits of playing are not exclusive to children they have the same effects on adults too.

Physical Education and Physically Educate is by Balbinder Singh is another investigation into the eternal struggle between the physical and the education within PE.

Act Now for the Wellbeing of Future Generations is a Christmas Story, from the guys at My Fastest Mile, that asks how we can approach sport from the point of view of future generations.

Top Ten Sporting Myths That Are Killing Your Sport  by Wayne Goldsmith offers some clear solutions to the problems he thinks are killing youth sport.

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