The PE Playbook – October 2017 Edition

Blogger of the Month

Chris Beardsley is an independent researcher in Strength and Conditioning. His website Strength and Conditioning Research is full of excellent analysis of recent S & C articles however recently he has started blogging at SandCResearch on Medium where he promises to tell you how strength training works. As someone who is more and more convinced that building strength should be an integral part of a PE Curriculum Chris writes clearly and simply on how to go about this. Articles such as Can we get stronger in more than one way? and How are gaining “strength and size” different? are informative for a layperson like myself who wants to go about supporting pupils with developing their strength and control. They also help to me to challenge misconceptions and myths or questions my students have about strength training such as What is the relationship between muscle growth and strength gains? and Why does strength training with high reps improve muscular endurance? With over 25 blogs written to date I would suggest that any PE Teacher who is interested in strength training either for themselves or as part of your curriculum check them out

Top 10 Blog posts

How I Start My School Year: Lesson Two and How I Start My School Year: Lesson Three from Joey Feith continues his excellently detailed posts on how he sets up his PE classes for the year ahead.

First steps and From tiny acorns are the next instalments of Ash Casey‘s series on Models Based Practices and how to go about implementing them into your PE Programme.

Sport Systems – fragments of thought #11 more musings from Mark Upton on how we might go about improving the current system of sport, this time focusing how micro narratives could provide a more humanistic method of evidence based decision making.

The “Power of Moments” in Youth Sports by John O’Sullivan from Changing the Game Project talks about the awareness of power youth coaches can have for good or for bad.

Teaching for Meaning in Physical Education by Doug Gleddie is an excellent synopsis of the current work being done on Meaningful PE

Does Society place too much importance on Sport is a challenging opinion piece by John Amaechi asking if we put too much uncritical faith in sport to solve social problems.

What about the poor créatúrs? is a wonderful article in the Irish Examiner by Kieran Shannon on Liam Moggan on many beautiful things but essentially how sport can connect us if we value that aspect of it more.

The ecology of the gymnasium: what the tourists never see is an essay by Laurence Locke from 1974 about all the complexities you don’t see when visiting a lesson within Physical Education.

Schools don’t teach kids about winning is from Simon Austin from Training Ground Guru and an interview with Danny Cowley that raises interesting thoughts about the place of winning with PE and School Sport.

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